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If you are like the majority of the landlords, probably you clean your windows very rare or almost never. Main reason for that it is because window cleaning is energy consuming and often hazardous and hard to do. Usually includes dangling from windows, going up and down on ladders, and lots of time spend in cleaning, the windows still looks blurry and bleary. At Alesta Cleaning, we perfectly know how precious is your time. Our trained staff is always prepared to carry out the windows cleaning tasks instead of you.

Whatever the cleaning task is our professionals will do it. As a company with serious background, Alesta Cleaning conduct an intensive training course for our employees and deliver to every neighborhood in London with the high-class professional machinery and supplies, the comprehensive window cleaning procedure. All of our employees are checked and vetted. Our company is absolutely certified and can assure you that nothing of your property will be damaged. When you purchase a window cleaning service from us, you can feel confident that you reserve a reliable company to do the job.

We offer a frequently repeated service giving you window cleaning and washing services in all of London’s districts. Most of our clients are searching for more than a single time visit per year. We can offer you a personally tailored window cleaning plan, which is in accordance with your requirements and you will receive discount placed on regularity per year. With our flexible cleaning agenda, you have the chance to design a window cleaning calendar that is economical and efficient in maintaining your windows perfect appearance for a whole year. We will clean effectively all your windows from the inside and outside according to your needs.

All of our staff members are trained to bring you with the best cleaning outcome possible. They are fully vetted, trained and experienced. Combination of right experience with utilizing the latest equipment and proper detergents will leave no chance to any type of stains and dirt placed on your windows. All of our cleaning agents used are environmentally friendly and completely safe for your health. We guarantee that you will get the needed satisfaction. If you don’t we will clean until you decide that it is achieved.

So if you need a sparkling, spotless windows just call Alesta Cleaning 020 3404 4282 and our team of experts will deliver it to you in no time. Our phone support is at your service 24/7 and they will give you all the additional information you need, help you make a booking or provide you with free estimation.

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