Why Us

Alesta Cleaning delivers a huge variety of quality cleaning services for both – commercial and domestic clients. With vast experience behind our back we were able to create strong relations between us and our customers and to become as a recognizable cleaning service provider. The maintaining of the high standards, the truly affordable rates and the strong bond with our customers are the foundation for our rapid growth. We never stop to develop and improve!

We have widened the number of the services we provide on our list and at this time we deliver a wide gamma of cleaning services like – various types of cleaning for carets, rugs, upholsteries, curtains, occasional cleaning (two times a month) and many others.

We employ cleaners who are exceptionally passionate of what they do and you can count on their serious attitude and their love for this kind of work. Each of them has the right experience, training and skills to perform first-class cleaning service. Alesta Cleaning is diligent of delivering different cleaning services for private households or commercial properties. Frequent domestic cleaning, rug and carpet cleaning, one-off cleaning are just a small part of our top preferred services.

In the fast and often hectic everyday life we will give you the chance to have more free time to spend with your loved ones and enjoy the quality of our highly rated services in the same time. Occasionally we release special offers for our regular customers as addition to our low-rates in order to save you even more money.

As a serious cleaning service provider all of our services are backed up with satisfaction guarantee. Our main aim is to deliver the total satisfaction for our clients with the services our company implement and we are open for additional advice direction from you in order to tailor our service according to you personal requirements.

This will leave more free time and money for you when purchase a few of our services. You will be 100% confident that the work will be comprehensively performed.

Example list of advantages for our Clients:

  • Company with serious experience.
  • As a serious service provider every of our employees is insured.
  • Trained, reliable and verified cleaning specialists.
  • Always in top condition and prepared to deliver you the best cleaning in area.
  • You have the freedom to choose same or different cleaners at every visit.
  • Your home is safe in our hands. We have special policy for keeping your key. If by any chance the keys got lost we will cover the expenses about the new ones.
  • We will professionally iron what you need absolutely for free.
  • We have transparent policy – pay only for what you use. Without hidden additional charges!
  • We are extremely motivated, vetted and insured service provider.
  • Alesta Cleaning is well known name in cleaning business.
  • You can choose a payment method convenient for you.
  • Available and helpful call center.
  • Excellent high-class services.
  • We are available 24/7 so never hesitate to contact us!

Methods for checking and selecting our Emlpoyees

To become a member of our Alesta Cleaning family is not an easy task! Our HR department has developed a special procedure of choosing and refining the right candidates for the job. All of our newcomers are devoted and they are getting really nice wages. Every applicant who has the desire to be in Alesta Cleaning goes through the steps written below:

  • Detailed background check – passport or personal ID.
  • All the licenses and documents to work in the UK.
  • Endorsements or recommendation from former employers.
  • Personal interview with our HR specialist.
  • When OK’d, each candidate is engaged in an intensive training procedure.
  • Our supervisors are following every step of the training program.
  • After the training finishes each candidate goes through test and different practical exams.

When 100% ready, they are allowed to work with customers under the close supervising of the on-site manager.

Technical Organization and Control

When the time for cleaning comes just dial our number and let us take care of everything. If you have some kind of personal demands you can discuss them with our technicians when they come at the place. Just specify what you need and they will give you a hand to do it and some piece of advice how to maintain the cleanliness for longer period of time. That will help us choose the right men for the job that will be visiting you every time or if you want to, we can find a replacement. It is up to you! You will also get a personal manager that will follow your orders and will be always within your reach when you need some service or support.

Same reliable cleaner at every visit

We are very cautious when making background checkups on our employees to make sure that they will be there until all the work is professionally done. All of them are devoted and motivated. Everything in our schedule is made in comfortable for you way. Every time when you need them they will be at your service for you as long as needed.

Trustworthy Personnel

All of our employees are experienced and trained according to the latest methods, equipment and detergents used for reaching outstanding results every time they work. The on-site cleaning team is experienced, vetted and equipped. They are top professionals in business and you can trust them!

Satisfaction Guarantee

After our team is done with cleaning, if you are not satisfied by any means call us and we will send them back to clean again for free. They will not stop until you decide that you requirements are fulfilled.

We offer Comprehensive training procedure

Our training methods are efficient. Every one of our employees goes through intensive training to obtain and improve different cleaning approaches and methods of cleaning.

You will be astonished of your sparkling property after just a single visit!

Your property is in safe hands

Our cleaning team will take every job with great care. Just to let you know that if something get broken or lost by our fault we will cover all the taxes about the damaged items.

No minimum term contract

You can stop using our services whenever you decide just send us prior notice.

Frequent discounts and cost control

We are providing reliable with real value for money professional cleaning services. You can get free estimation by using our phone line 02 034 044 282, online form or live chat. You can be 100% that you will get the top competitive rates in area.

Methods of payment

You can use various methods for payment – cash, card or check. We charge you on monthly basis, but you have the freedom to pay in a regular quarterly, weekly or monthly basis. Our payment policy is transparent so you do not have to worry about hidden fees. Also, you can choose to provide the cleaning solvents and tools by yourself or to be brought by our cleaners’ team (additional payment might need). We will send you the most proper cleaner for your case and our technicians will supervise the whole work. In case you want to replace our cleaner for some reason – you can do that whenever you want. We will do our best to make sure that your cleaning requirements are covered according to the high standards of our company.

Alesta Cleaning telephone support in London is always at your service 24/7 and you can count on our professional help every time when comes down to cleaning needs!

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